Evacuated Tube Collector

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Take the first move and invest in the best option! Ferus Solar Water Heaters come in wide range suitable for domestic use as well as for hostels, guest houses, hospitals, hotels, process houses and industrial units.

We have qualified trained technicians & a service department that happily continues to contribute to the growth of our company, by Accelerating the growth of one lakh plus satisfied users. Solar technologies diversify the energy supply, reduce the country's dependence on imported fuels, improve air quality, and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

A growing solar industry also stimulates our economy by creating jobs in solar manufacturing and installation.


The storage tank is placed at a certain height relative to the top of the collector to prevent the reverse circulation during off-sun shine hours. In this system, hot water storage tank can be under normal pressure of cold water overhead tank so gravitational force of overhead cold water tank comes to bottom of hot water tank at normal pressure ( non pressurized), hot water comes out from top of hot water solar tank and release at the end of tap as a regular.


Vacuum tubes assimilate the advanced 12 years of spattering deposition of trivalent element technology, high borosilicate glass, gradual change of SS-C/CU selective complex absorptive coating. And these make vacuum tubes have high performance of absorptance and low reflection ratio. Through the interlayer, vacuum has a unique effect of thermo, with its temperature up to 380° C of idle sunning, performing a strong heating ability.

Technical Specification

Selective Coating Cu / AI / SS
Outer Diameter ¢ 58mm /70mm    (whatever applicable)
Inner tube diameter ¢ 47mm / 54mm   (whatever applicable)
Tube Length 1800mm /   2100mm (whatever applicable)
Thickness of Tube 1.6mm B/s Glass
Gross Area For Tube 0.1668m2
Capacity of Tube 2.7 Lt. (Per Tube)
Vacuum <5*10-3 Pa
Absorptance >92%(Am1.5)
Glass thickness 1.6mm
Emittance <8%(80 oC)
Thermal expansion 3.3*10-6 oC
Stagnation temperature >200 oC
Heat loss <0.8 w / sqm
Maximum strength 0.8 MPa