Post-Installation Info

ETC Model

  1. If the system is empty; do not refill when temperature is high:

    In empty system since water is not there as medium to distribute the heat; specially Glass Tube tends to heat up very high. Though these tubes are toughened but when comes in contact with cold water and due to the temperature difference between two, it might break. So it is not advisable to refill the empty system during afternoon hours.

  2. Cleaning of collector vacuum tubes:

    Any obstacles on the tube surface, reduces its efficiency, so regular & proper cleaning of Collector Vacuum Tube is desirable.

  3. Clear View to Sun:

    Make sure that the collector tubes faces the sun directly throughout the day, any object like tree, building, hoarding etc… should not block the sun over the system at any time of the day.

  4. Running system without water:

    In any case system should not run without water; In such cases please cover the collector area with opaque sheet.

  5. Duration between two hot water baths / usage:

    Whenever anybody uses hot water for bathing /any other purpose, complete pipe line to that hot water outlet gets filled with hot water; these accumulated water in the pipeline gradually losses its heat energy to its surroundings. These losses can be minimize if we can reduce the duration between two such consecutive hot water usage.

  6. Scale cleaning / De scaling of the collector tubes:

    After prolonged use if you notice any scale deposition at inside surface of the tube (which generally caused by bad water quality), please call the authorized person to carry out the cleaning. Periodic cleaning to maintain effectiveness of the water heating where water is hard. It is often observed where deep well / bore well water is used.

  7. Keep safe distance from vent pipe:

    Hot water along with steam and bubble might come out through vent pipe during hotter part of the day. Care should be taken to maintain safe distance from it.

  8. Precautions after not using system for 2-3 day:

    During Summer if Hot water is not used for more than one week than water temperature may be very high. Temperature must be sense before taking shower. Do not place hands or any part of body beneath the shower.

  9. When water can be seen from outside the tube:

    This happens generally when the inner glass of the vacuum tube is broken, such broken tubes can reduce system efficiency considerably and can cause lots of problems. Please call authorized person in such events.

  10. Grouting of Solar Based System:

    Grouting is the process of strengthening the base of the Solar Water Heating system (SWH). By this you actually provide protection against vibration, high velocity wind etc… to your Solar Based System.