about ferus

Ferus Energies gives commitment to quality, excellence at every stage which made us receive the prestigious An ISO 9001 : 2008 Company certification for quality systems. The Solar Energy Technologies Program focuses on developing cost-effective solar-energy technologies that have the greatest potential to benefit the nation and the world.

We have qualified trained technicians & a service department that happily continues to contribute to the growth of our company, by Accelerating the growth of one lakh plus satisfied users. Solar technologies diversify the energy supply, reduce the country's dependence on imported fuels, improve air quality, and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

A growing solar industry also stimulates our economy by creating jobs in solar manufacturing and installation.

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Some facts about us

Company Mission

We are committed to supply quality & innovative solar products to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing quality service for supplied solar products.

Company Vision

Our vision is to create sustainable & eco-friendly future for our mother earth by using solar energy & spread large scale adoption of solar equipment by making viable & affordable.

The Ferus Promise

We Promise by offering a growing network of qualified solar installers access to top-quality solar thermal equipment.

the Ferus Team

We are enriched by a team of skilled and sincere professionals, who work together to attain the various objectives of the organization. The efforts of our dedicated and efficient professionals are highly appreciated by the clients.

Quality Policy

we are committed to achive customer satisfaction by product quality of solar water heater and solar lighting systems, also commited to minimise adverse impact arising due to products & manufacturing processes on employees & environment.

we will do continual improvement in integrated management system by preventing pollution & fullfilling quality objectives, targets, programes and legal requirements.

we are committed to comply our integrated management system as per requirements of international standards & applicable legal requirements.

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Commercial Development


Hospital & Nursing Home


Hotels & Guest House


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